Gong Sound Integral Therapy

 Sound Vibration and Gong Meditation.

Theta (Gong) waves reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and stimulate the immune system.

A Soundbath, Sound Meditation or Soundjourney is a sensory audio experience that is hard to describe in words. The sense of calm can be likened to many years of accumulated meditation practice - all at once entering your being – this feeling can remain with you for days into weeks in some instances.

To participate could not be easier. It takes very little effort on the part of the receiver. All that is required of the participant is for them to show up and either lie down (most cases) or for some; sit in a meditation posture or even a chair. A series of dissonant sounds from German made healing gongs and other instruments, including precious metal Himalayan Singing Bowls, take you on a journey unlike any other. Each experience is unique and there is no previous experience required. A typical session lasts for around an hour but this is often extended in classes and workshops to 90 minutes or more as some warm-up techniques with body and breath can greatly enhance the experience. 

Roger first experienced the effects of Sound-healing in Mysore Southern India in early 2010; introduced to a process using Himalayan bowls by Akhil Anka of the Temple of Singing Bowls.  He came away from his two week initiation process 'floating.'  Returning to the UK hungry to share the benefits of live sound vibrations in his his yoga classes - he has worked with sound in class ever since . Today, the sound element features more strongly than ever in the physical yoga classes and as a stand alone element in the events we hold. Some of the more common feedback from people is ‘How well I slept’ following the session.

Various holistic studies outside of the traditional yoga framework contribute greatly to this work. Roger has studied extensively in India and is a certified Senior Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and lifetime student.

The gong traces its roots back to the Bronze Age around 3500 BC. The term 'gong' traces its origins in Java and scientific and archaeological research has established that Burma, China, Java and Annam were the four main gong manufacturing centres of the ancient world. The gong later found its way into the Western World in the 18th century when it was also used in the percussion section of a Western-style symphony orchestra.  A form of bronze cauldron gong known as a resting bell was widely used in ancient Greece and Rome, for instance in the famous Oracle of Dodona, where disc gongs were also used. These days a cauldron or bowl like ‘gong’ is classified as a Floor Bell. 

The gongs we use today are Nickle-Silver Alloy that are primarily made in Northern Germany.  The blacksmith's – the true 'gong-masters' - hand beat the metal with heavy custom made tools to create true works of art; Gongs that contain all sounds of creation within their powerful vibrations.

Sound vibrations of the Gong Challenge the senses in such a way that the mind is unable to connect and thereby switches off. This surrender comes from the mind being unable to categorise and thereby attach which allows progress towards stillness. Brainwaves slow from rapid (Beta the alert state) to relaxation, meditation and healing (Theta and Delta states).

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nicola Tesla 

I offer one to one and small group sessions as well as corporate and event options.  

"Every stone is light slowed down; tied in a knot
– and light ... is every stone’s dream. "

"Sounds never dissipate, they only recreate in another place" 

Teaming up with Om & Bass as The Gong Father we present a cosmic soundjorney experience. Performed and recorded live at Cowley Road's Richard Benson Hall, Oxford (UK) on the 24th February 2019. A high quality stereo audio recording, made using DPA 4060 microphones and recorded to Marantz PMD661 recorder. Huge gratitude to Jason Jones for the recording & and his skillful editing.