Yoga is Silencing the mind waves - The Yoga Begins at the End of Thought

yogash-chitta-vritti-nirodhah ||2||


yogaś-citta-vr̥tti-nirodhaḥ 2

When you are in a state of yoga, all misconceptions (vrittis) that can exist in the mutable aspect of human beings (chitta) disappear. ||2|

Yoga is an ancient science that allows you to manage your well-being. If you have trouble dealing with stress, insomnia, back or joint related issues;  yoga can and will be able to assist you on your path to wellness and living a full and active life.  It will bring back the joy and leave the pain in its wake.  Yoga will bring you to who you are. All that is required from the individual is a regular commitment. Yoga will alter the way you deal with pain and tension and bring you to a place of equanimity and ultimately balance.

A physical yoga practice includes breathing techniques and postures that bring huge benefits in the form of restored health and vitality to anyone who cares to practice. Benefits include restored health and vitality to anyone who cares to practice; with this comes a deep sense of wellbeing, improved sleep as well as an increase in strength and flexibility. 

A good yoga teacher is there to bring you to a connection with your inner intelligence; a deeper mind body connection.

Come to a class or a workshop. Breathe, move, explore and have fun.

Please check events page for more or contact for private one to one or group sessions.  ‘When the student is ready, the guru disappears.’