Courses, Training and Workshops

Workshops and Courses can be tailored to suit individual, group or studio requirements.
Connect with the gong and connect with what is.   It is my belief that a personal yoga meditation practice is of paramount importance in making the best connection.   All gong and singing bowl trainings incorporate and encourage a regular yoga meditation practice. Chi Kung sequences are also taught.

CPD hours credited.

I am currently working on a comprehensive  certified 

 Singing Bowl Workshop

 For practicing Yoga Teachers, Complimentary Therapists, budding sound therapists and anyone who would like to deepen their understanding.

 Movement therapy sequence to attune and energise

Background on uses and history

Different types of bowls – quality and what to look for

Different methods of playing

Treatment techniques

Incorporating sound in a yoga class

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Gongmasters are the people who after years of dedicated practice, create these wonderful masterpieces; the rest of us are students of the gong and these courses are designed to liberate the mind body so as to be able explore ones creativity and make true connection with the gongs and other instruments.  there will be a loving connection with the gongs created.  A direct mentoring with the teacher in an intimate space allows for accelerated growth.

Choosing a Gong

I know when, after years of providing soundscapes using Himalayan Bowls, bells etc. that when I decided to embellish my work by adding a gong I was confronted by a multitude of options.   So much so that it took me three years and one "gongmaster training"`  to decide on my first gong.  Whether you want to purchase a gong for home enjoyment or to add to your already established practice (as I did) this day training will enable you to make the right decision. Topics covered:

The manufacturing process

Types of gongs

Opportunity to try a variety of handmade healing gongs including Symphonic and Sound Creation Gongs

Gong stands and options plus mallets and other tools

Direction towards where to buy and the difference between the Primary European Manufactures

 Beginners Level: Learning the Basics

 A range of gong-related subjects will be covered. From different gongs and mallets; how best to hold the mallet, practising various playing techniques to how to how to give a short seated soundbath. This is an ideal workshop for those who want to taste the gong experience first-hand and begin their gong journey with expert tuition. There will be plenty of opportunity to use many different high quality European made healing gongs. We will also touch upon some of the other instruments incorporated in creating a full soundscape & students will have ample opportunity to deepen their own personal connection with this powerful healing tool.

 Gong Practitioner Training: Going from Beginner to Student 

 Designed for those who have completed the beginners’ level training, the two day gong practitioner training culminates in participation in an All-night Gong Puja.  It is designed to bring participants to a level of competence where they are confident to hold their own soundjourney events and one to one sessions. Very much hands on; an additional array of techniques will be introduced.

Posture Yoga and Breathwork (Yoga) Teacher Training is by Mentoring and Support. To teach yoga one needs to practice and teach from that practice. Clearly a framework or structure is important and this needs to be learned. There is also philosophy to study; but practice is the key. I truly feel that a course, where a large fee is taken is of little benefit to anyone in terms of teaching yoga (other than the recipient of the fee).   A personal application and a long-term yoga practice is a pre-requisite. There are no fees as such for the mentoring - various elements in terms of modules and workshops have fees attached.   

Please contact me if you run a studio and would like to run one of these workshops.