Classes & Events


Weekly Monday Gong Yoga class - Suggested Donation £10

One hour of Yoga to unwind and prepare for 30 minutes of Gong Bliss.

There are No Levels! Every body welcome.

Balmoral Community Centre, SS0 7AU 19.30 = 90 minutes


Feedback Survey for those who were at the Autumn Equinox All Night Soundjourney - a chance to win a space at the next allnighter:


Monday 21st December 2020. THE EVENT. 

Balmoral Community Centre, SS0 7AU 19.30 = 120 minutes

Towards the end of what for many has been a tough year we mark and celebrate the Winter Solstice & the Great Conjunction with an extended session themed around human connection.

Energy work, movement and extended soundjourney.

Schedule: Open space.

Group movement connection work.

Sound work using voice.

Movement to prepare for Soundbath,


Group Sharing.  Snack for grounding.

Suggested Contribution £20


Some of the feedback from last years all-nighter:

"I really enjoyed the participation exercises. Amazing experience left me feeling calm and serene for days."

"It was a amazing experience with made you feel loved, and free and floating on a cloud"

"The sound vibrations were incredibly healing and it was amazing to have such a long experience to really let go into the gongs. Amazing to connect with different people and I enjoyed the sense of union created with the yoga. The breakfast was really tasty in the morning."

"Loved the integrative games and yoga to start. All of the night was FAB!"