Classes & Events


Weekly Monday Gong Yoga class - Suggested Donation £10

One hour of Yoga to unwind and prepare for 30 minutes of Gong Bliss.

There are No Levels! Every body welcome.

Balmoral Community Centre, SS0 7AU 19.30 = 90 minutes


Autumn Equinox All Night Soundjourney Meditation Gong Puja Healing   

Balmoral Centre | Salisbury Avenue | Westcliff-onSea SS0 7AU | United Kingdom
Saturday, 26 September 2020 at 19:00 - Sunday, 27 September 2020

An invited to join us and experience being unbound by space and time. A Deep lasting connection to a relaxed state of being.
On the Autumn Equinox Join us for an Acoustic Ocean of Sacred Sound played continuously throughout the night.More than a dozen planetary gongs, plus Himalayan bowls and a variety of other sacred and primal sound instruments. Relax, release, lucid dream, let go and surrender to the vibrations. Re-charge and leave feeling refreshed, liberated and energised. After the success of the Autumn Equinox weekend we have managed to secured the hall for Sunday morning so as to be able to do additional grounding, group sharing, some gentle yoga.  Numbers are strictly limited.Schedule: 19.00 – 21.00   Soundjourney Puja Opening ceremony. Setting intenions. Progressing into a movement workshop - some team sports - to bring us together as a group and prepare the body/mind for the night ahead.  There will be a short break; time for a hot cacoa and to set up your sleeping nest. 21.30 – Sunrise 05.55 Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and other instruments including guitar will weave a tapestry of sound. You will be bathed in the sound waves for around 9 hours continuously. As the powerful vibrations and harmonics wash over you deep relaxation and release can take place as the consciousness goes on a journey.  From around Sunrise there will be a period of silence (Śhūnyatā - emptiness, voidness, stillness)  for reflection and assimilation. Expect the unexpected the following morning and into weeks after...   Throughout the night sage and frankincense will be burning to purify the space.
Important bit: What to Bring for your overnight stay.  An inflatable mattress, futon or similar.  Loose comfortable clothing.  Quilt, pillows, pyjamas ... Essentially everything that you need to spend a comfortable night on the floor of a hall.  Err towards comfort over speed - there's time when we break for cacao to build your nest.  In the past, those travelling from afar have brought their nesting-gear in large wheeled suitcases on public transport.  Easy ... 

Sunday 27th 

07.15 - Breakfast. 08.00 time for sharing.

The vibrations of the Gongs and Singing Bowls are a fast track route to the Theta State.

Theta (Gong) waves reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and stimulate the immune system. 20 minutes of Theta Relaxation is the equivalent to four hours sleep.

Purify, Harmonise. Align Natural Vibration. Access a Higher State of Awareness.

No previous experience in sound-journeying, yogaing, gongbathing or meditating required.

Some of the feedback from the last all-nighter:

"I really enjoyed the participation exercises. Amazing experience left me feeling calm and serene for days."

"It was a amazing experience with made you feel loved, and free and floating on a cloud"

"The sound vibrations were incredibly healing and it was amazing to have such a long experience to really let go into the gongs. Amazing to connect with different people and I enjoyed the sense of union created with the yoga. The breakfast was really tasty in the morning."

"Loved the integrative games and yoga to start. All of the night was FAB!"