Sound Meditation Healing Yoga.  The origin of everything is vibration or sound.  The essence of our being is meditation. The silencing of the mind waves leads to healing. This is Yoga. 

"Vibe high and the magic around you will unfold.

Within, without we live in a sea of vibration.  Awake or asleep the vibrations remain.  We are constantly vibrating, though not necessarily at our optimum; mind state alters our vibration which is one reason we need to relax; to re-tune, and one of the reasons that instinctively we turn to practices such as yoga and meditation.  Sound vibration from specially handcrafted gongs and Himalayan singing bowls greatly accelerates this re-tuning connecting us to who we truly are and the associated release that take place in this state. 
The relatively recent current trend for labels in yoga ‘types of yoga’ is in my view essentially about branding and the associated loyalties and limitations.

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed; you have back issues or any other physical ailments, come and try gong yoga.  If it’s the case that the vast subject of yoga is overwhelming for you or simply that you require some assistance with a particular aspect it would be an honour to assist you on your journey; to tailor make a programme for you and any specific aliments that you may be carrying and that need to be addressed. A teacher can help you though a stuck phase. Through disease, both acute and chronic. 

Many options are available.   Yoga Classes, Soundbaths, Healing sessions, Meditation and Mindfulness Programmes.   All are tailored on an individual basis.