Healing Yoga Therapy, Vitality, Nada Yoga 

Tradition with a contemporary twist.  Yoga classes have elements of sound and various traditions and are constantly evolving.

Roger has had a lifelong fascination with yoga & various ancient Eastern philosophies. He has studied widely and deeply: TCM, Shiatsu, Shamanic indigenous Native North & South American cultures as well as with some of the world’s foremost names in yoga. He started a Hatha yoga practice, initially and principally self-study from books in 1972. His teaching is thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and often playful. Using Nada Yoga (Sound - Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and other traditional instruments) in class to raise consciousness.

Classes are tailored to student’s needs - with neither age, inexperience nor injury being a barrier. Breath & body are encouraged to work together, allowing progressive opening and release.

Roger has explored and practised many avenues of yoga and truly believes that there is only one style; ‘No Style’ as each and every one of us is unique. The umbrella term 'Hat-Ha Yoga' in the sense of ’Yoga of Determined Effort' is a reminder that focus and discipline are at the core of our practice as in every other walk of life. Flowing; sometimes dynamic - sometimes passive. Balancing energy flow. Balancing flexibility with strength ... Classes are thus an eclectic mix, always tailored to the group or individual situation.  

 "After many years of Yoga practice; and on the basis that no two bodies are alike, I have developed an approach to teaching that encourages a freedom to explore.  A style that is balanced and is an amalgam of different styles and schools of yoga; methods that resonate with me in terms of power and efficacy.  From a great love of the various traditional series and traditions in yoga, my real interest is in practicing and teaching any aspect of Yoga that works.  Thus,  rather than adhering to a single viewpoint - or 'style' - I do my best to connect to each student with what’s relevant to them at their point on their journey."   Unique classes are conducted to encourage students to apply a therapeutic approach to their personal practice and to encourage an adventurous spirit.  This will aid your well-being and the prospect of continuing to practice decades into the future with real harmony and joy.  "My various holistic studies outside of the traditional yoga framework contribute greatly to my understanding of Yoga and the connection between the Divine, Body and Self."  

Some years ago, whilst on a traditional  and strictly regimented immersive cpd training in India; my room-mate handed me the book Yoga Body to read.  What I got from the book is that the frequently used term "the ancient practice of yoga " isn't entirely accurate – personally it liberated me to incorporate & teach various techniques ; many of which were from outside the ‘traditional’ yoga paradigm.  At this time, I feel that posture yoga is an evolving art form.  As long as we stay present and connected to the breath in our physical practice, what’s to restrict us from moving and connecting in whatever ways that our creativity takes us?  Appropriating along the way – just as whichever ‘Guruji’ you care to mention did.   

Roger has studied extensively in India and is a certified Senior Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

Vibes Speak Louder than Words - Come try this particular special mix of yoga and gong.

Yoga is therapy and a route to healing.