Experience Sound like never before:

We are extremely  fortunate to house one of the finest collections of quality German hand made healing gongs in the country.   The largest being  the 62" Tone of Life Cosmos gong.    Message if you would like us to bring some Gong Healing Magic to your festival or private event.

Baby Theo arrived, born at home on the 29th December so this new page may take a while longer than usual to set up!

Some feedback from a taster 20 minute Soundbath session for workers at Ford Dunton Technical Centre:


"Even the 20 minutes experience has helped me to find a way to relax in the evenings since this. So much so that I am interested in committing further time weekly to learn and understand more, and to participate regularly."


"The sheer depth of sound and the unusual noises added in. Such intense music!   Amazing experience. I felt good for the rest of the day!"


"relaxation, sense of well being  -  loved it loved it and would loved to do it again regularly . Big thanks to roger and those who 0rganised it ."


"Totally immersive experience which transported me away and leaving me feeling refreshed.

Thank you for spending the time at Dunton to give us a taster of the Soundbath and what it can do."


One of the questions was; 'Please rate how highly you would recommend the experience to a friend?'  Every respondent 5 stars out of 5  = Highly recommend .